Colorful research for a green future

A research programme in which ideas and methods linked to the environment, society, technology, economy and health are perfectly integrated into a global vision, in order to develop a better future.

A network of public and private research centers fully interconnected and coordinated by IUSS PAVIA, in Italy.

PhD goals

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change aims to direct research towards new sustainable development models, in order to minimize the impact of humankind on the planet and to reduce inequalities.

The common goal is to build a research community capable of promoting innovative solutions, which are fundamental to solve the most complex problems of our society. We embrace the issues and tackle intersectional fields which impact our planet and the environment.

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Our values


We aim to spread knowledge and to create talents capable of contributing to just and innovative society, in harmony with the planet.


We believe that sustainability is a challenge that should be faced through a plurality of perspectives. That’s why we created an inter-university and multi-disciplinary educational roadmap.


We enable future generations to understand the evolution of the climate. We also design and implement new solutions for a sustainable society.

Want to make a difference?

We’re looking for people with the ambition to contribute to the evolution of society towards sustainable models in all aspects, people who are in search of a multi-disciplinary scientific ecosystem to integrate and grow their knowledge, thus becoming pioneers of a green social paradigm.

Research programme

One core research topic and six curricula for a multi- inter- and trans-disciplinary research programme to achieve the SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda:



Multi-disciplinary events to expose all PhD candidates to the complexity of sustainability and climate change



Curriculum events to train PhD candidates on tools and topics common to their specific field area



Thematic and methodological courses offered by the host universities to support the candidates in their research.

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The 6 curricula

Earth System and Environment

Earth system processes and new perspectives in environmental development

Socio-economic risk and impacts

Transition towards a decarbonized and sustainable economy

Technology and Territory

Technologies, systems and approaches for the sustainable transition of communities, territories, and production processes

Theories, Institutions and Cultures

Cognitive and practical challenges posed by sustainability and climate change at an individual, institutional, and global level

Agriculture and Forestry

Innovative models for resilient and sustainable agri-food and forestry systems

Health and Ecosystems

Climate and global health impacts, from ecosystems to humans


Call for applicants

The call for applicants provides information related to PhD programme, positions, and scholarships available for the upcoming PhD cycle, as well as instructions for taking part in the selection process and mandatory deadlines.

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From 28/10

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28/10 - 14/11

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A network of public and private research centers fully interconnected