CU4 promotes education and research activities related to the theories, institutions and cultures of sustainability and climate change, and favours a transdisciplinary methodological perspective based on different humanities and social science approaches, in particular from philosophy, literary studies, law and sociology. Particular attention will be devoted to issues related to ontology and ethics; national, European and international juridical regulations; climate, environmental and intergenerational justice; global politics; asymmetries and inequalities in distribution criteria; the ecological humanities and ecocriticism; environmental semiotics and aesthetics; and the interactions between the environment and living beings, including non-human beings.

Key topics


Theories of justice


Ecological transition


Regulatory policies


Ecological humanities


Health and climate




Governance and sustainable finance

Mission & Vision

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change combines the skills of the best Italian universities, creating an interuniversity and multidisciplinary educational roadmap.

An original PhD program that combines the experience and knowledge of professors from different fields of study with the skills of the students. The final aim is to define tools and methods to promote the ability of future generations to understand the evolution of the climate, as well as to design and implement new solutions for a sustainable society in all its aspects.

We want to instill knowledge and bring forth talents capable of contributing, with their own ideas, to the creation of a just and innovative society, in total harmony with the planet.


Laboratory scenarios generation: methods and strategies

Construction of future scenarios and the processes for their realization by exploring different methods of Forecasting and Futures & Foresight and the construction of roadmaps, such as the Participative Backcasting.

European Sustainable Finance and Law

The European plan for sustainable finance

The European taxonomy. Climate-related benchmarks. Sustainable finance disclosure.

ESG and organizational and conduct duties. Green bonds. Financial education for sustainability. Non financial reporting.

Environmental Aesthetics

​Introduce the contemporary debate on so-called environmental aesthetics, analyzing it with reference to two distinct philosophical models of the relationships between subject and nature, humans and environment

Seasonal School: The Ethics of Climate Change

Reshaping Responsibilities for Present and Future Generations.

Quantitative methods for data analysis and policy evaluation

(I) Data science and machine learning;
(II) Statistical learning and multivariate data analysis;
(III) Statistical Methods for Distributional Analysis


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