The agriculture and forestry curriculum focuses on environmental, economic and social sustainability and climate change in key areas (agriculture, livestock and forestry), from both a life cycle and supply chain perspective with a particular focus on Mediterranean agricultural and forestry systems. Indeed, the Mediterranean region is a mosaic of agricultural and forestry system hotspots that are threatened by the impact of climate change. The course aims to provide a solid, up-to-date and interdisciplinary cultural and scientific base and a deep understanding of the systemic implications of human activities and awareness of the importance of relationships with business, administrations and civil society in an international contest. 

Key topics


Resource use efficiency


Transformative adaptation


Rural development


Precision farming, biotechnologies and eco innovation


Food security/safety and farm productivity


Ecosystem services


Smart and digital agriculture

Mission & Vision

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change combines the skills of the best Italian universities, creating an interuniversity and multidisciplinary educational roadmap.

An original PhD program that combines the experience and knowledge of professors from different fields of study with the skills of the students. The final aim is to define tools and methods to promote the ability of future generations to understand the evolution of the climate, as well as to design and implement new solutions for a sustainable society in all its aspects.

We want to instill knowledge and bring forth talents capable of contributing, with their own ideas, to the creation of a just and innovative society, in total harmony with the planet.


Climate change and forests

Proteomics and metabolomics in the Agro-Food chain

Innovative methodologies in Agricultural Sciences

Geomatics & GIS

Climate changes and crop research

Climatological analysis: changes, extreme events. Climate scenarios and downscaling for agricultural research. Agrometeorological tools to support agricultural research.

Soils in a changing climate



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