CU6 tackles research questions regarding the impacts of climate and global change on ecosystems and humans, and adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, to identify novel sustainable development models and understand the interactions between the environment and health.It has two objectives to study the impacts of climate change on the structure, function and health of the biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems and to study the human health risks associated. 

Key topics


Ecosystem health


Human health


Chemical and biological risks


Biodiversity and biotechnology


Anthropogenic threats


Safe and sustainable design


Advanced modelling

Mission & Vision

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change combines the skills of the best Italian universities, creating an interuniversity and multidisciplinary educational roadmap.

An original PhD program that combines the experience and knowledge of professors from different fields of study with the skills of the students. The final aim is to define tools and methods to promote the ability of future generations to understand the evolution of the climate, as well as to design and implement new solutions for a sustainable society in all its aspects.

We want to instill knowledge and bring forth talents capable of contributing, with their own ideas, to the creation of a just and innovative society, in total harmony with the planet.


Climate Change impacts on mountain environment and ecosystems

Human and Ecosystem Health Geoinformatics

Planetary Health and the Human Exposome

Environmental health system dynamics with application on the COVID-19 emergency

Structure and function of natural and engineered enzymes

Introduction to diversity, morphology, and taxonomy of freshwater copepods: theory and training activity



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