The PhD in SDC: beyond sustainability

We believe that to make our planet a better place it is necessary to change our society. This is why our PhD consists in 6 different curricula, whose courses and studies extends to the cultural, social, economic, legal, technological and any other aspects linked to modern reality.

Mission & Vision

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change combines the skills of the best Italian universities, creating an interuniversity and multidisciplinary educational roadmap.

An original PhD program that combines the experience and knowledge of professors from different fields of study with the skills of the students. The final aim is to define tools and methods to promote the ability of future generations to understand the evolution of the climate, as well as to design and implement new solutions for a sustainable society in all its aspects.

We want to instill knowledge and bring forth talents capable of contributing, with their own ideas, to the creation of a just and innovative society, in total harmony with the planet.

Earth System and Environment

Earth system processes and new perspectives in environmental development

A curriculum dedicated to the study of different biological, chemical, geological, physical, mathematical and environmental aspects of climate change and sustainability.

The impacts and risks of climate change, including extreme events, will be investigated; plus, combined analysis of climates and application of multi-disciplinary approaches will allow estimation of future risks, as well as identifying the most effective adaptation and mitigation strategies.


Socio-economic risk and impacts

Measuring the transition towards a decarbonised and sustainable economy

This curriculum focuses on analysis of the complex relationships between the phenomenon of climate

change and the socio-economic system. Through its research agenda, the curriculum aims to provide economic policy and managerial practice recommendations to prevent mitigation of environmental and climate risks on territories, as well as enabling an orderly transition towards a fair, circular and low-carbon economy.


Technology and Territory

Technologies, systems and approaches for the sustainable transition of communities, territories and production processes

The doctoral research related to this curriculum will be focused on resilience, sustainable development

paradigms, circularity and actions against climate change to be implemented in territories, communities and production processes, as well as in the consumption of resources and energy.

The goals will be ambitious and involve a range of technological and sectoral challenges; in order to reach these goals, the PhD candidates will be encouraged to interact in their training activities in relation to different components and transversal dimensions of the research.


Theories, Institutions and Cultures

Theories, institutions, and cultures of the ecological transition

This curriculum promotes education and research activities related to the theories, institutions and cultures of sustainability and climate change, and favours a transdisciplinary methodological perspective based on different humanities and social science approaches, in particular from philosophy, literary studies, law and sociology.


Agriculture and Forestry

Innovative models for resilient and sustainable agri-food and forestry systems

A curriculum that focuses on environmental, economic and social sustainability and climate change in key areas, from both a life cycle and supply chain perspective, with a particular focus on Mediterranean agricultural and forestry systems.

The ultimate objective is to implement a transformative process of sustainable agriculture and forestry, rooted in analysis and evaluation of new sustainable development models with a sound scientific, technical and technological base.


Health and Ecosystems

Climate, global changes, and health – from ecosystems to humans

This curriculum tackles research questions regarding the impacts of climate and global change on ecosystems and humans, and adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, to identify novel sustainable development models and understand the interactions between the environment and health.

The curriculum has the goal of studying the impacts of climate change on ecosystems at different space-time scales; plus, it aims to study the human health risks associated with the synergies between environmental, climate and global change.


The 3 levels the PhD educational programme

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change is based on a central research theme and six different curricula. All this translates into an educational program built on three levels of research: multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary.



Multi-Disciplinary Events (MD)
The MD events aim to expose the PhD candidates to the full complexity of designing and implementing a transition towards a more just, sustainable, and zero net-emissions society to manage weather and climate-risks.

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Curriculum Events (CU)
The CU events will include content and formats related to the relevant curriculum and will provide a broad overview of the curriculum research topics.

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Focused and Disciplinary (FD)
These refer mostly to single-theme and single-disciplinary courses. FD events will be defined by the PhD students with their supervisors.

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Together for the planet

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change can count on the participation of over 80 professors and more than 250 students: a network of knowledge and skills that aims to design solutions to make society sustainable in all its aspects.


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In each of its cycles, the PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change has shown all its potential. All the results obtained are the fruit of our network of partners, universities, professors and students.


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How to apply

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