For those who care about the planet

We turn to public authorities and private companies, small and large, who care about sustainability and want to make their contribution by investing in research.
Sustainability is a challenge that must be faced together, building a network made up of knowledge, practices and people.

A world of opportunities

The PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate change is an excellent opportunity in various fields: from technology to human resources, from branding to economic advantages, the possibilities are endless.



Becoming a partner of the PhD in Sustainable Development and Climate Change means having an open innovation hub at your disposal, that will provide extremely reliable results through high-level scientific and university knowledge.
The studies carried out during the PhD will also provide a whole series of solutions to those practical questions that the company or public authorities would not be able to investigate independently, given the lack of resources or knowledge.


Sharing knowledge and skills

Each partner will have the opportunity to participate in the PhD internship program: if requested, PhD students will collaborate directly with partners for a certain period, during the course of the doctorate. At the end of the doctorate the partners will have access to highly selected profiles, with an interdisciplinary background.

New perspectives

In a time where people and customers perceive themes such as climate change and sustainability as crucial themes, SDG and ESG commitment is an incredible opportunity. Eventually, each partner will be seen from a new perspective among a wide range of stakeholders. Partners become also a fundamental part of a qualified network made of universities and companies: together, we’re building a recognised community.