Scholarship code CU1.11

Impact of climate change on the renewable energy sector in Italy

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  • Host University/Institute
    Scuola Univeritaria Superiore IUSS Pavia
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  • Research Keywords
    Renewable energy
    Convection-permitting models
    Climate Change
  • Reference ERCs
    PE10_3 Climatology and climate change
    PE10_2 Meteorology, atmospheric physics and dynamics
    PE10_21 Earth system modelling and interactions
  • Reference SDGs
    GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
    GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
    GOAL 13: Climate Action


The renewable energy sector isstrongly tied with climate since the availability of renewable sources, likehydro, solar and wind power, very much depend on rain, radiation, and windpatterns. This research topic aims to determine the impact of climate change onthe renewable energy sector over the Italian peninsula. Climate variables willbe extracted from observational and reanalysis dataset, like RCMs from theCORDEX dataset and CPMs from the CORDEX-FPS CONV initiative, for thehistorical, near and future climate. The analysis of climate data will providean assessment of the changes expected to impact the energy sector. Climateanalysis will be then integrated into energy system models developed and usedwithin the A2A group. In particular, the results of climate analysis will thebasis of the estimation of the electricity production from renewable sourcesover the Italian territory in the long-term horizon. The main goal will be toidentify potential trends of producibility in a spatial-temporal framework and,subsequently, to estimate the tendency of generation volumes of existing andfuture renewable plants in Italy. The probability of extreme climate eventsthat may statistically limit the producibility of the renewable power assetswill also be analyzed. In addition, a geographical analysis aimed to identifyand categorize the investment attractiveness of Italian regions/areas may beconducted.

Suggested skills:

The ideal candidate should have a strong background in dataanalysis and statistics (analysis of probability distribution functions,uncertainties, etc.) and be familiar with the management of large datasets.He/she should preferably have basic knowledge of the energy system and its sectors,as well as its possible interactions with weather and climate.

Research team and environment

The CARISMA team within IUSS iscomposed by STEM and Social scientists working on different aspects of climatechange among which: data analysis and modelling of Earth system and economicsystem processes; impact assessment of extreme natural events and anthropogenicactivities on human and natural environments.

A2A is anItalian multiutility active in several fields: generation of electricity fromdifferent sources, distribution and sale of electricity and natural gas,district heating, waste collection and treatment, electric mobility, publiclighting, water service. The analysis of climatic phenomena is of greatimportance for A2A especially in electricity generation and consumption.