Scolarship code CU6.14

Green and blu infrastructures and impacts on soil health and human health

  • Reference person
  • Host University/Institute
    Università degli Studi di Parma
  • Internship
  • Research Keywords
    Ecosystem services from blue-green infrastructures
  • Reference ERCs
    LS9_7 Environmental biotechnology and bioengineering
    LS9_8 Applied plant sciences, plant breeding, agroecology and soil biology
  • Reference SDGs
    GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
    GOAL 13: Climate Action
    GOAL 15: Life on Land


The project aims to promote the use of green and blue infrastructure through a series of actions that support the development of easily accessible green and blue areas tas multifunctional spaces that aid sociality and community cohesion. Central to these actions is the development of a participatory knowledge of all stakeholders i to promote the good use of these areas and fully understand their benefits for mental and physical well-being, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable population groups such as the elderly and children.Special attention will be given to promoting the proper management of urban green to prevent the loss of biodiversity, possible introduction of alien species, overproduction of pollen. One objective will be the integration of available information on the presence, characteristics and main ecosystem services provided by green and blue spaces.- Mapping regulations and policies on green and blue spaces- Mapping available evidence on the relationship between green and blue areas and health- Acquisition and consultation of available information on the presence of green and blue spaces in Italian urban areas- Construction of an atlas of plant species and their characteristics useful for a multifunctionality of green and blue spaces- Evaluation of the contribution of green and blue spaces in mitigation and adaptation to climate changes, and in promotion of helth and wellness particularly for vulnerable citizens

Suggested skills:

Knowledge of EnglishExpertise in laboratory work - biology, biotechnology, chemistry or similar fieldInterest in environmental applications of biotechnologies

Research team and environment

The research team has an international reputation in the field of sustainable agriculture and application of environmental biotechnologies, with extended reputation for innovation for phytoremediation, and circular economy.Fully furnished laboratories will be available in the University of Parma. The labs share plant growth facilities (incubators, greenhouse) and microscopy facilities, atomic adsorption spectrometer, and essential laboratory equipment, shaking incubators, conventional PCR machines, quantitative PCR cyclers, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, laminar-flow cabinets, autoclaves. The Interdepartment Centers also provide access to Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopes (ESEM).