22 March 2023

A rich CU2 event


Università di Pisa, Pisa

CU2 event took place in Pisa talking about literature review and unsustainability

On 17-18th March, 2023 two CU2 (Socio-economic Risks and Impacts) events took place at the University of Pisa. Included within a rich cycle of online CU2 seminars and mainly meant for the PhD students of the 38th cycle, the events aimed at providing helpful insights on conducting a literature review by prof. Elisa Giuliani and enabling students to develop a mature understanding of the factors that contribute to the unsustainability of our societies by Prof. Tommaso Luzzati. Through lectures, discussions, and working groups, the PhD students had the opportunity to explore the topics necessary to have a solid foundation for future research, as well as networking with their interdisciplinary collegues.