4 April 2023

Green week – Festival of sustainability | Academy project



An opportunity to apply BA, MA and PhD students for an international fellowship

It is available the opportunity for PhD candidates to apply for an international fellowship to a guided tour in the italian "sustainable factories" (2-4 May) within the initiative of the Green Week (2-7 May).The first deadline for application is this Sunday 9 April, more information are available here. For those who understand also italian, it is also possible to apply for the "Festival della Green Economy", more info here. The participation fee and cost could be covered by your personal budget and the fellowship programme grants:

  • Participation in guided tours through the most innovative companies in the field of sustainability;
  • Bus transfers for the whole duration of the itinerary;
  • Full board accommodation in 3-4 bed rooms for the entire duration of the stay (from Tuesday 2 to Thursday 4 May, 2023);