15 February 2023

Newsletter of the CU6 students - February 2023 | vol 1


The aim of this Newsletter, realised by CU6 students of the first cycle of PhD SDC, is to share their research activity and research- related topics of interest that will help to better understand and advance the common PhD goal of ensuring a Sustainable Development from the CU6 perspective of Health and Ecosystems.

This newsletter topic is “An Introduction- Research and Expectations”.

In order to properly start this project of sharing some of our research-related insights, we’ll provide you an introduction of what our Curriculum 6 is and on who we are, both as people and PhD students.  

As we are aware, human interference and excessive exploitation of resources have led to major destruction to many ecosystems and environmental variables.

One obvious and clear example is what we call climate change. There is still unclear and insufficient evidence about how these changes have been hampered, to what extent, what are the direct and indirect implications of these changes to different ecosystem such as oceans, glaciers, permafrost, river water, flora, aquatic, terrestrial and micro-bacterial life, human health.

The CU6 curriculum is spread across an extensive range of disciplines, all focusing on climate change impacts on the ecosystem as a whole. The topics include research dealing with human health, oceans, flora, bacteria, cryosphere and diseases.

We aim at untangling the complexity of interactions among anthropogenic activities, climate change, ecosystems and human health and at answering and finding clues for the recurring questions mentioned above.

Please download our first newsletter and do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.