23-24 January 2023

PhD SDC Workshop



A workshop on transdisciplinary research dedicated to the PhD candidates of the 37th cycle.

The PhD SDCis hosting a 2-day workshop followed by a kick-off event for the new PhDcandidates next week in Pavia!

On the 23rd and 24th of January, the SDC workshop dedicated to fostering transdisciplinary research will take place. The PhD SDC strongly believes that collaboration between researchers from different disciplines is an essential factor toaddress the many challenges posed by climate change.

The interdisciplinary nature of projects addressing grand sustainability challenges often means that teams are put together consisting of numerous experts, who have different skills and knowledge areas. To succeed, each member of the group must align with the goals, tasks and expectations of the group by communicating and understanding one another’s roles. This often implies that the group has to overcome knowledge gaps and communication obstacles in order to be constructive while working together.

For thisreason, next week the PhD candidates of the 37th cycle, who are now in theirs econd year, will be grouped into teams from different curricula and will beasked to collaborate in order to find answers to real transdisciplinary problems. Compelling seminars will be the backdrop of the event.

For those interested, seminars, roundtables, and the Oxford Style Debates can be followed watching the livestream on our YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/@phd-sdc

Attached is available the detailed program of the event.

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